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UE4 Launcher default save directory

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    UE4 Launcher default save directory


    UE4 launcher saves content such as sample projects and marketplace items to Windows documents folder. I could not find a screen where I can change this setting. Is there any way to change this directory via UI, some config file or registry?


    Nope, at least not for now. You can do symlink or if you dont have space on C and throws you disk space error you can move documents in document directory propeties
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      Hello yenal,

      This is currently being worked on, please bear with us until we get a proper fix out. I apologize for the inconvenience.

      Thank you and have a great day,
      Adam Davis | Marketplace Support | Epic Games
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        I guess I will change the location of the documents folder for now. Thanks for the responses.


          Bump. Any updates?


            For something so simple, we spend a lot of time trying to hack around it. I find it less and less motivating to continue googling and finding posts from 2014 asking for this. Thanks anyway.


              Also bumping this.
              I would like to have a way to change the default folder that the launcher shows whenever creating a new project.
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                I'm not normally one to nag like this... but how is this is still an issue after being reported over and over for 2 years?

                Its not like this is much of a feature. There is a settings panel, with a pair of check boxes, and the option to edit the vault cache location, how hard would it be to save a second path for our default projects?

                I recently downloaded a bunch of content from the marketplace, and when walking away to let it download after clicking to 'create project' for the items that I had not yet downloaded, it proceeded to download and then create, not 1 or 2, but 10, every single new project it had created automatically after downloading, was created in C:\Users\Me\... without prompting or warning.

                Extremely annoying.

                I added up what it did to my C drive. It added 10 Gigabytes of content to my C drive, and left it with just 2 GB of free space, on my main boot drive where windows will unavoidably put its updates... bad timing and that drive would have been completely full.
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                  Any updates on this?

                  I've been using the proposed workaround (symlink) for a while now, but I'd love to get rid of having every project shown twice.

                  => Does anyone know where in source the **** "users" folder is hardcoded so we could at least compile a version with our own folder.



                    Ok, so "%documents%\Unreal Projects" is still hardcoded somewhere.
                    Cannot find it in any *.ini file (been searching for "Unreal Projects" through the Launcher's *.ini-files every few years).

                    We cannot access source code of Launcher, I forgot about that.
                    Does anyone have experience in changing values in already compiled .exe or .dll files?
                    Reverse engineering? Maybe hex editor?
                    Inside EpicGamesLauncher.exe I could locate "LibraryEngines" & "LibraryMyProjects", but where is Epics hardcode to "Unreal Projects"?

                    Y'all use your windows documents folder for unreal or why am I the only one to complain?