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Indie melee weapons pack

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    Indie melee weapons pack

    Hello guys,

    My name is Oluwafemi Shonibare from InnerSanctum Games Ltd, and we are a small start up Independent game studio based in Liverpool, U.K.

    We've been working on a melee weapons pack (which is our first asset pack) for independent game developers, hobbyists, and anyone else interested in using these assets within their various projects. This means that UE4 developer/designer base is one we will be catering to.

    Plus it's a pretty cool engine

    Our goal is to produce a very affordable pack of 16 Melee weapons that can be easily be imported into the UE4 for further work, or can even be reworked to suit your needs. We will have a price that fits all.

    Here are examples of High-res renders from two weapons from the pack:

    These are a work in progress.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	n2.jpg
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    Part of a full weapon:

    Click image for larger version

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ID:	1135346

    What we need however is your feedback, as we would like to ensure the pack meets all your requirements.

    Our target was to make the packs available as .obj and .fbx models. However, we can not deny the versatility behind a 3D modeller like blender. Blender is freely available, and works quite well with UE4.

    1) As a designer and developer would you prefer to have the .obj and .fbx models available for download ? Or would you rather .blend files that provides you the flexibility to export to whatever format you wish ? There will be a tutorial video showing how to export from blender to UE4.

    2) Are 16 assorted melee weapons satisfactory for a price below $50.00 ? Bear in mind that the price is a buy once, use in as many projects of yours.

    3) Are there any specific melee weapons that you would like to see in a pack like this ?

    Your feedback is VERY VERY important to us, and we would really appreciate your comments, criticisms, and any feedback you can provide.

    Many Thanks

    Mr O. Shonibare
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