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    What good are the cryengine features when you consider

    1. Poor support unless you pay $50- a month
    2. A pipeline that requires you to have expensive software (case in point below)
    3. An EULA that pretty much allows them to stop almost nay game you produce
    4. No community to get help or support

    (CASE in point from 2 above)
    I was talking to a cryengine user and asked if they thought Cry5 would get substance support like lumberyard. They said Cry already had substance support. Shocked at this answer I asked if he had more info; his reply:
    Well you make you substance in painter or designer than export the maps to Photoshop then take them to cryengine
    In other words no substance support.
    Now before you say, well that could be coming. I will point out that Cry has had the same crappy pipeline for years and have refused to change it.

    Cryengine is all but dead, the only reason they are making these changes now is because they killed their steam community. The engine needs some major improvements that the company clearly does not want to make. Maybe if management would decide to enter the competition instead of milking their customers Epic and Unity might have something to worry about


      You are starting again with non sense, sorry, all this issues are known... Thats why the are changing. They just started they're new service not even 24 hours ago. So relax and observe what will happen in the next weeks and months. Every EULA is complicated, no matter if we are talking about Cryengine, UE4 or Unity but this point is not inetresting at all if you know the fact that you can release your game on PC, PS4 and Xbox One for 0 Roys and fees, so this is what matters at least for me.
      You have games like Evolve, Kingdom Come or Star Citizen, everybody gone to the rapture etc... amazing looking games even made with the "old" cryengine. Just wait and see how many devs will change...
      The Cryengine is like UE4 one of the Top engines avaiable on the market... It sounds more like you have personal hate against the engine, you have to see this noncommitted.
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        I started on cryengine. The terrain system was back then pretty amazing. Something I havnt noticed people talk about yet is the ease of use of the terrain system in cryengine. Roads and rivers are soooooo easy in cryengine. As for water well UE4 just cannot touch cryengine. But I'm not a programmer so for me blueprint is a no brainer.


          Crytek is changing because they killed their community yet again (translation they milked the indies for all they had yet again)

          1. Cryengine 3 they killed their community and burned a lot of indie developers
          They went to steam and promised to change - yet again they killed their own community
          Now they are going back to step one and again repeating we have changed. Of course they keep the same crappy pipeline and EULA

          2. How much did Star citizen get from kickstarter, 65-75 million? The game is not even fully released yet but when you talking that kind of money it better look good

          3. If you think the Cryengine EULA is like UE4 or Unity you clearly have not read it. It is filled with, well if you do "this" we can stop you double talk without ever really saying what "this" is. Think I am wrong, then please explain to me how it is possible crytek can not even explain their own EULA. You read that correctly Crytek can not even explain their own EULA, that is how complex it is. Head over to the steam forums and look at the discussion back when Cry released on there

          4. Zero percent royalties? that's awesome except when you consider how much more you have to pay for Photoshop, Maya 3dmax, support and other tools to make your game. The 5% Epic wants is chicken feed compared to paying for all that

          5. So if you want to ignore the companies history that is fine, but please spare me the "calm down" bs. No one is excited or going over the line, I am simply stating the facts that anyone can easily look up

          The only thing Cryengine creates is dead communities, burned indie developers. Go find me a list of indie games made on cry engine 3; it has been on steam for awhile now


            Thats what i mean, people have to see for they're self if it is usable for they're project, skills or not.
            I just don't like if people try to talk software bad, just because cause it didn't fit their needs or they're expecations on support.

            Jesus i don't care about the eula aslong i don't have to pay anything and can release my game.
            I think everybody understood and saw what crytek did with their old engine and memebrs, where is your point ??? What does it have to do with Cryengine 5 ???
            And again they just released Cryengine 5, just wait and obsereve what will happen to the pipeline.

            These are no facts, what you are writing is mostly past history and makes no sense to me like your eula point. It is a free up to date engine with a lots of cool and inovating features.
            You don't have to use it, no one is forcing you but stop pointing out just the bad and mostly outdated facts. I really think your problem with Cryengine is a personal problem, did they tread you bad in the forums or what happend ? They have a lot of AAA releases and also indie releases of course not that much like UE4 because of the old and dead community and lack of tutorilas but this is not the point here, we are talking about the engine and the new start of they're service.
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              Please do not get me wrong

              Cryengine itself could be great. My issues with it relate to management putting barriers (restrictions) on it, not with the software itself.


                Cryegnine is great like UE4, bouth have they're + and - and devs have to decide which one fits they're needs, they can choose between good engines isn't that great ?
                I also don't like restrictions but every sofware has his own restrictions so you have to see if this restrictions can touch your project or needs if yes than you can go one but that doesn't mean that every one will have a problem with it.


                  He who doesn't love Blueprints does not love his mom.

                  Just kidding.
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                    "Ee Ojo Del Amo Engorda El Caballo" meaning "The eye of the master fattens his horse".
                    The reason Unreal is polished beyond the competition because here the entire team is committed to excellence and listens to the community with both ears. I remembered back in the days when Rhino was gaining traction in version 1. It was due to listening to the communities request and finding solutions. I don't see LY or Cry ever gaining wind because they don't listen to developers. Amazon might change things around, but they are not fully invested as Epic is, so it will probably fizzle out as well.


                      Crytek finally realized that it makes no use paid nothing worth a limited product and competitors being complete and totally free!
                      Just now Epic enable C# Mono in the UE4.
                      Unreal Development Kit/Unreal Engine 4 User

                      "You're not getting what you want? Then calm, relax, push yourself a little more and wait for your moment to arrive, because everything has its time."


                        Originally posted by kassane View Post
                        Crytek finally realized that it makes no use paid nothing worth a limited product and competitors being complete and totally free!
                        Just now Epic enable C# Mono in the UE4.
                        Precisely, a high level language with the latest and greatest mono features is a biiiig plus.
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                          People who think Unity has a great asset system have not tried making shaders for it. Everything, even simple things, must be done in code, or you must use the preset shaders given to you. There is no material editor like Unreal Engine. If you want to make a water shader, it's easy in UE4: just plug in some normals, do whatever you want to do, and you get to see the results right away. In Unity, it's all coded. So while you can do some awesome things in Unity if you know how to code (like that awesome water-caustics WebGL demo), but otherwise you'll never be able to simply make a game, or make something interesting without that ability. You NEED to know C# and Cg. From what I heard about Crytek at my school, it's a very specific engine to making things like water and island stuff, so it makes water and island stuff really well. But try to make an indoor environment, and it gets a little bit awkward. UDK used to be FPS-focused, but now it's much more malleable, which is awesome.

                          To put it simply, the tools I made on the Marketplace in UE4 would not have been possible had I been required to sit there and code this program in C# and Cg. It was a massive blob of spaghetti code that allowed users to toggle options on and off, there is no way it would have been acceptable to use anything else.


                            Originally posted by Adik View Post
                            Thats absolutly right competition is always good... Beside of the terrible pipelone, i think somem people here don't understand what they get. I'm still waiting for these "next gen" features coming to UE4.
                            1. Volumetric Light and Fog
                            2. Volumetric Clouds
                            3. Fully dynamic light and GI with acceptable FPS
                            4. Directx 12
                            @ Nawrot, i see it the same way.

                            5. amazing embedded water
                            6. day-night and weather system
                            7. top quality skin shader
                            8. road tool
                            9. vegetation

                            KE is not just engine, it's a set of tools. That's why asset pipeline is so complex. It is just different, I don't understand how one can compare KE with UE4.


                              Originally posted by KillingWord View Post
                              yet to dip my toes tbh as i am just few weeks into unreal. now its free i have no excuse

                              played with standalone houdini a bit, only for fluids are volumetric stuff tho. the curve is huge but sideffects too is working on a assets store (bit quiet over there) which practically excludes the need to do stuff from scratch.

                              from what i have seen, the workflow is seamless. fire in unreal acts like fire from houdini. no idea how the hell its cached or anything. looks like black magic to me.
                              That sounds amazing, any chance for a video or at least a screenshot of that?


                                Originally posted by OCASM View Post
                                That sounds amazing, any chance for a video or at least a screenshot of that?
                                This seems like a good start: