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    Better buy a model that has an external graphics card and never plan on it being mobile. Also plan on cranking every setting to performance on it too.

    I really suggest getting a dedicated workstation. You need the raw horsepower of a desktop if you want to do real work. As much as I wish laptops had what it takes they simply don't yet. Mainly because of the limited graphics capability which is actually improving a lot these days and also mainly because they run on a battery and heavy workloads will drain them super fast.


      I've just got the Razer Blade Pro, runs perfectly when working in UE4 and if need be I can hook it up to the CoreV2 with my 1080 if I want some more power. It's still portable just need to make sure you have the power brick with you at all times because you won't get more than at most 2 hours use.


        Just spend around $1000 to $1500 and you can get the best gaming laptop for UE4. Look for minimum 8GB RAM, dedicated graphics, latest gen. processor Core i7 or i9 will work and a good display with higher refresh rate. I'm missing one point i.e. storage. Look for SSD storage with minimum 512GB.
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