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Need UE4 Tip for developing a prototype

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    Need UE4 Tip for developing a prototype

    hey Guys, I'm new to the community and new to UE4,I would be really glad if you guys pass me some tips on developing my prototype,
    I wish to develop a RPG prototype classic isometric style. I would like to know if there any development kit or any kind of framework would help me kick start the prototype ?
    The game style would be like "Brothers" Thanks in advance

    P.S sorry for bad English

    Have a look at the Learn tab in the Epic Games Launcher to start with. There are loads of free projects to tear apart. There is also a turn-based project on there which could probably help you out with combat. Other than that just have a look on the wiki or search for specific mechanics you want on youtube, there is alot of content out there!
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      Welcome to the forums!

      There's an rpg starter kit on the Unreal Marketplace that might be of interest to you:

      Aside from that watch as many tutorials as you can and learn about the engine (Unreal YT channel is a great place to start). Break down your RPG's core components and do little exercises in the engine to create those building blocks. Bottom line is it will need time and a commitment to learning to produce the desireable results.
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        Make sure you have a base of formulas that usually most RPGs used before going into the code, it will help a lot in the long run!
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