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app size and minimum size?

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    app size and minimum size?

    Hi there, I and a friend entered the last jam thought we learn a lot of things (we are new to UE4) didn't ended anyway we posted what we got.

    OK, so, one of the question I got is, what is the minimum size of a unreal app? I mean, even that we take examples as a base,
    1. the .app (OS X here) got 1 > Gb
    2. adding some config for shipping and no debug info got it like 950Mb IIRC
    3. then I opened the .app and inside contents delted a .dylib and got like 320Mb, the app did work even that it throws at start some paper 2D popup or some like that
    4. I compressed this to a and got it about 150Mb

    So how you go about this? what is the minimum size? and how you achieve it? (yep I have read a little the guide for mobile, but I don't think it is possible to go less than 100Mb).

    Take a look at this page:
    "The overall Shipping IPA is 43.8 MB uncompressed"

    -make sure that you use content without a large file size (e.g no 2k textures,...)
    -always delete the unused content
    -dont place too many objects into your map