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    World Machine tutorials etc?

    I am thinking about buying a licence for world machine in order to create a large, tiled terrain.

    However, in the galleries for world machine I see tons of great looking terrains, but in the tutorials I can find I don't see anything I can't do in the editor while sculpting. So far making it seems like a senseless purchase.

    Are there resources available to watch to create some photorealistic terrains (in the same league as the ones on the market place?)

    I should add, those ones on the market place would have been perfect for what I want, except this is something I want to learn as I will need more than just one and paying that kind of money for just a few terrains seems crazy.

    If you want data mesh with your height map , splatmap etc..

    Look it :


    If you want height map , splatmap only etc...

    Tone of tutorials on the web.
    Wiki HERE
    You will need some best macro here :

    Bonne chance
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      That polycount link is brilliant... pretty much what I wanted to see - thanks.


        i take this opportunity to ask a question on this topic.
        In world machine you can choose the size of terrain KM^2.
        You can also choose resolusion for this landscape.

        When the terrain is imported into Unreal Engine, the size of this landscape is affected by the resolution with which was generate in WM.

        So what is the exact Landscape dimension in unreal engine ?
        For example if I choose to create a 12km x 12km Terrain in WM with a resolution of 4033x4033, which will be the size in Km x Km in Unreal engine?
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          I had assumed they would be 1:1 but that is a good point - I had only thought this because I am modeling in MAYA - and have it set up to be the same grid etc!

          There is a very real possibility that they are different - However, I would imagine the tutorial on getting your terrains into unreal engine probably explains that along the way.