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Setting up a Perforce server on a separate machine

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    Setting up a Perforce server on a separate machine


    I have an old Win 7 machine and a couple of 1 TB drives lying around.

    I want to install PerForce server on this old machine and set it up in the basement, say.

    My PerForce client will be installed on my my main PC workstation.

    Heard it is a good practice to separate the server and the client machines physically.

    Now, how do I access the PerForce server on a machine that is physically separate?

    When I install the PerForce server on my old PC, what settings do I need to use for port numbers etc?

    How do I connect the server machine to my home intranet?

    If I want to create a workspace and give access to an external developer, say a contractor, how do I do that while keeping my own internal workspaces separate?

    Thanks & Regards

    Find the local ip address of the perforce server. You will use that ip address and usually port 1666 in the form of ip:1666 to connect. Make sure the perforce server has its windows firewall set to allow TCP connections on 1666

    Usually you just connect your machine and the perforce server to the same router and boom, intranet.

    If you want an external developer to have access, open port 1666 on your router and direct it to your perforce server. Then give them your external ip, which you can find on sites like and be sure to add the port number in the form of ip:1666.


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