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    Originally posted by Kafumanto View Post

    I saw your branch "4.25-PhysX4", looking at the commits it seems very clean. Do you know of any regression/issues with the other features of the engine (tools, animations, ...)?

    Have you thought sending it as a Pull Request to Epic?
    Nope, no issues so far. I can say it's way more stable than PhysX 3.4. Temporal Gauss Seidel solver is awesome.

    I'm not planning to open a PR soon, it's kinda pointless, Epic is working on Chaos, and has no interest on PhysX anymore. Also, my branch doesn't have proper support for other platforms except Win64. I need to sort out that first.


      Originally posted by dyanikoglu View Post
      PhysX 4.1 + Nvidia Blast plugin bundled together with Unreal Engine 4.25

      can you merge hairworks in 4.25 ? dyanikoglu
      I think you won't see an updated version of hairworks in the near future, it's "dead" for Unreal ecosystem. I recommend playing around with Epic's new strands hair system, based on Chaos & Niagara. It's way more promising.


        Thank you dyanikoglu I found the sample in the NVIDIA Blast plugin:

        And I was able to play it using your repo


          dyanikoglu - thank you for making your repository available.


            For more realistic results with Blast, I recommend setting depenetration velocity to a value around 0.5-1.0, enabling Temporal Gauss Solver & Stabilization in physics settings.


              Thanks, I've made those changes.
              Are you able to package the Blast Sample (shipping configuration)?
              When I try to do so the build crashes. I haven't fully debugged why yet though. The build crashes in ActionGraph::ExecuteActions (I believe).


                Ideally it would be nice to be able to use UBlastMesh on a skeletalmesh. You cannot right-mouse click on a SkeletalMesh and create a BlastMesh from it.
                Funny, though, UBlastMesh makes use of USkeletalMesh, USkeleton, and UPhysicsAsset:

                USkeletalMesh* Mesh;
                USkeleton* Skeleton;
                /* The physics asset to use for this blast mesh */
                UPhysicsAsset* PhysicsAsset;
                This a modification I'm going to try if it hasn't been done already.


                  Jerry.Richards I am very interested on your findings, I am using blast on 4.20 and I want to explore more. keep your progress here please! thanks