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  • Is Nvidia GameWorks UE4 Branches compatible with iOS ?


    • Originally posted by Maxime.Dupart View Post
      Also i'm keeping this branch up to date with latest Epic Game updates to 4.17.2 (it's daily updates). You can update your build using GitBash, reproduce the update or grab the repo back to keep your version up to date with latest patch.

      You can follow the updates here:

      easiest way (to me) is to install GitBash, then using it:
      cd [to a folder]
      git init
      git remote add originMax
      git pull originMax 4.17.X-GameWorks
      Then you'll be able to grab all the latest update just downloading the small delta update patches using :
      git pull originMax 4.17.X-GameWorks

      edit: @IslandPlaya it appears there's no VRWorks 4.17 branch
      Is it possible for you to add WaveWorks to this build?


      • Hello everyone,

        I wanted to know how is the VXGI support for SLI or NvLink.
        I initially used amazon's g3.4x server that contains Nvdia's M60 card and the frame was much lower then expected. I use a system with a single 1080 Ti and the my frame rate was double of M60 card.

        Later I used amazons g3.16x server having 4 M60 cards and the performance was not better then a single M60 which leads to be believe the support of VXGI on M60 cards is very bad or VXGI is not supported with SLI or NvLink.

        I was planning to buy dual Titan Xp or 1080 Ti to do my rendering tasks with VXGI but it looks like that might not work. Can any one confirm this?


        • Originally posted by Maxime.Dupart View Post
          I've updated the GameWorks 4.17 merged branch with the latest update from the VXGI branch which are truly awesome.
          I suggest you check it out for yourself:

          There's also a HBAO+ upgrade included.
          @Maxime.Dupart: VolumetricLightning And VRWork updated for 4.17, hope see your update soon