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    Awesome, Maxime !!
    You are great !!
    Thanks for your work !!

    Waveworks for 4.18 is released !!


      Originally posted by IslandPlaya View Post

      Thanks Maxime,
      I get this error when built for Win64... Not sure why a Mac\ folder is involved.

      Error C2039 'MergeShaderCacheFiles': is not a member of 'FShaderCache'

      Probably my fault somehow but can't tinker with it just now... Any ideas?

      Thanks for all your hard work.

      *Edit: Am using VS2015.
      I found this answer in the 4.18 migraiton channel, other people had the same issue than yours:

      Originally posted by ExtraLifeMatt View Post

      RyuMaster as well (since you had the same issue).

      The fix is not to "Build Solution" on the engine, simply build the UE4 project itself (it'll bring in any needed dependencies). That issue is specifically a Mac tool that is included in the solution by default and needs to be removed - but, still, you shouldn't "Build Solution" by default on the engine anyway, it's not needed/required.
      I assume you tried to build the entire solution instead of the engine 'UE4' project itself?

      All you need is this guy:
      Click image for larger version  Name:	UE4Project.jpg Views:	1 Size:	8.6 KB ID:	1383126

      Then you can go into programs and build Lightmass to be able to build baked GI.

      If you have the build with VXGI you need to rebuild "ShaderCompileWorker' in the programs list
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        Thanks Maxime, that clears things up. Now up and running with no problems so far.
        Have you any idea why VRWorks lags behind all the other Nvidia stuff for integration in Unreal?


          "If you can find the Gen2017.bat in your files, try to use it instead of Generateproject.bat. Maybe it will work? (just a thought)"

          There is no Gen2017.bat file anywhere in the project folders...


            hi i need to know how to have all those branches into one engine,bit confused as i m new to ithis,I have now 2 engine one with flow and other with waveworks .how can i have a project use both the features or plugins.please anyone explain or advice ,thanks


              is there any tutorials on how to use wavework in any project


                I have a working flex setup now and it works pretty well for interactive fluid simulations but I have one big question.

                Can you mix fluids? (aka change particle properties based on particle to particle collisions)

                Like if I have a red fluid and a blue fluid can I make it so when a particle of each touches each other they become purple?


                  Hey guys I'm having hard times getting Flow to work in 4.18 version.

                  Everything is alright till I reach step 3. I can't find Flow under 'Collision' parameters. :\


                    For anyone that only wants HairWorks in 4.18 version of unreal:

                    Make sure you have either 2015 sp3 version of visual studio or 2017 with 2015sp3 extension to compile successfully.


                      Any word on a 4.18 VXGI branch?
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                        Are there any tutorials out on how to properly Install and USE NVidia Flow in UE4? It just seems like a very closed subject and I really can't find so much if anything about it..
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                          any info on 4.18 vxgi + gameworks integration branch?


                            Originally posted by duke22 View Post
                            Any word on a 4.18 VXGI branch?
                            Waveworks would be cool too.


                              Originally posted by ClockworkGate View Post

                              Waveworks would be cool too.
                              Waveworks have update 11 days ago


                                Oh, wow! Thanks!