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19$ a month, cool, but for how long?

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    Originally posted by rob79 View Post

    but i´ve noticed, that my windows firwall complains if i bake lightmaps in my scene and i get some text messages, that "swarm" computing is going on. Is there any "cloud" in the background- so i can not even bake my scene if my subsciption has expired?

    thx rob
    That is just because you can use Swarm to set up your own computing network for Lightmass baking. No cloud. You can still bake after subscription ends.


      Originally posted by Rextimmy View Post
      You only have to look how much money some of these companies are making from some really, really basic mobile phone apps. The income some of these games are generating borders on ridiculous. I certainly don't mean this with any disrespect to epic but it's obvious they are trying to tap into some of that market too. Flappy birds (this is just one of many examples) was reported to be making up to 50k a day, if that was made with UE4 under the subscription thing epic are getting 2.5k a day in commission. Doesn't sound a lot to a very large company but you multiply that by X many games that are powered by UE4 and it adds up very quickly. I don't know what the current numbers are for UE4 users but you also multiply that by a bare minimum of $19 and that adds up fairly quickly too. Go take a look what the company behind candy crush is worth, the income generated by a game like that for epic (if it happened to use UE4) would be nothing to be sneezed at. If you ask me it's an unreal (pun fully intended lol) move.
      Bigger companies like that will just license the engine straight up and not pay royalty fee
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