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Exporting games for MAC

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    Exporting games for MAC

    I have made a few games that I am wanting to export to windows and mac devices. I use a PC and do not own a Mac anything. I know the requirements for running unreal engine but yet see posts where people do it with less than recommended specs. What I am wondering is what do people do to export to Mac?

    Do you just have to bite the bullet and spend 2 grand and get a mac computer or are there other ways. I will not use the Mac for building the level or creating content but I need a Mac to package scene and all the other stuff entailed with apple programming.

    I just got back from the apple store and looked at mac minis, imacs, the new mac cylinder and the mac pros. I find that some of them come fairly close and do not know how bad it would be if it is just for packaging scene but maybe that is my dream world.

    What are your thoughts on this? Thanks

    Oh also does anybody know if Intel HD Graphics 4000 meets the minimum requirements? I did not think so but would like to know.
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    In order to build a game for the Mac you will need an actual Mac to build on. There's no way to build a UE4 game for the Mac without one.

    Although Intel graphics chips such as the HD 4000 and above should render correctly they are much less powerful than a dedicated GPU from AMD or Nvidia and so will not provide a particularly good experience when using UE4 on the Mac.


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