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Does the Marketplace Assets Licensing allows for streaming games without risk of DMCA issues ?

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    Does the Marketplace Assets Licensing allows for streaming games without risk of DMCA issues ?

    Hi All,

    with all the current issues popping up with twitch streamers being recommended to mute their games in case they contain copyright sounds , getting copyright strikes over police sirens etc - and that new games like cyberpunk offering a copyright-safe mode -

    i am curious what is the licencing behind audio assets (both the background music assets, and any other audio asset) I buy from the marketplace? the closest i can find in the documentation (snippet below) is that the buyer (me) is granted the right to sell and digitally perform and transmit these assets, so i would feel safe building my own game and streaming it myself - BUT are the relevant permissions transferred to the buyer of my game to enable them to play these sounds without issues in a streaming/youtube/etc environment?

    many thanks for any clarifications!

    What is the customer getting when they purchase my product?
    When customers purchase Marketplace products, they get a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual license to download, use, copy, post, modify, promote, license, sell, publicly perform, publicly display, digitally perform, distribute, or transmit your product’s content for personal, promotional, and/or commercial purposes. Distribution of products via the Marketplace is not a sale of the content but the granting of digital rights to the customer.

    Copyright is a mess and yes even sounds can fall under the hammer of the Youtube algorithm. Fair use wise if you purchase the sound assets or pay the royalty fee you are covered under common copyrights or fair use. This can effect Streamers as they usually do not pay any kind of fee to broadcast copyright works as being in the same category as say a radio or television station.

    Since most Streamers are monetizing their streams if you use someones assets they can make a claim, without YouTube issuing a strike against your video but you loss any form of monetization and goes to the copyright holder. The issue is not your rights to use it but an algorithm that has no clue if you paid for the rights in the first place.

    Their are other issues, like "Let's Play"

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