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Character camera moves as soon as hit play without touching any controls

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    Character camera moves as soon as hit play without touching any controls

    Hey guys,

    I have been following the setup for state machines, animation blueprints etc and have setup my character to be used as the main character.
    Got everything set up I believe but when I go to hit play the characters camera just starts flying off to the side and infintely without me even touching any of the controls.
    The controls work to my the character walk etc but it still has the players camera flying off to the side in the meantime.
    Wish I could upload a video to show this but think can only upload images.

    Attaching all of my setup in the state machine and blurprints etc and game mode to see if that info can help anyone in letting me know what could be the issue.

    Someone metioned it could be the cameras collision and has to be turned off but not sure how to do that and when i changed the spring arm to have 0 for the prob size of its camera collision that didnt seem to fix the issue so not sure..

    Any help would be a life saver


    The player model can not spawn inside a collision mesh. If it does then UE4 will push the capsule until it's outside the collision. A cause could be when an object is imported auto collision generates a collision mesh. To see if this is the case you can try pressing ALT C which turns on collision visibility
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