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How can I save space by deleting unnecessary files of Unreal Engine?

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    How can I save space by deleting unnecessary files of Unreal Engine?

    I have installed unreal engine just to make audio assets.
    i don't actually need anything beside loading a blank project, importing my waves and exporting the project.

    ... to do this, UE need 30 GB (out of 128 GB of my SSD..)

    can i safely delete some file???

    My music in unreal marketplace - Youtube channel - Twitter - Website

    Demo of my music portfolio in a ZIP file
    Alchemy Studio official thread here on the forum

    Only the following files/folders in your project structure are essential:
    • /Config
    • /Content
    • /Intermediate/Config
    • /Saved/Config
    • /Source
    • (projectname).uproject
    The rest of the folders/files you can delete. Saved games will go in Saved but if you dont have any, its safe to delete.
    You can delete the intermediate folders and saved folders but your config will be set to default (might be a big deal might not)
    After you delete the uneeded folders, you right click on the .uproject and select generate visual studio files.
    as always I would recommend backup the 30 gig folder before doing any of the above (so you'll end up temp using 60 gigs, make sure everything in your project still works, then delete the tmp 30 gig copy if you're happy with results) then get some sort of back up solution in place for when your computer dies on you...
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