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I am new and need some help!

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    I am new and need some help!

    G'day from Australia!

    I am new to using Unreal Engine 4, it's such an amazing tool so far just a bit confusing for a beginner !

    My dream is to create an open world Vietnam war game, I am trying to import .hgt terrain format from but Unreal Engine 4 doesn't seem to allow it?
    Or any Game Engine that I'm aware of! Could anyone please give me some advice?

    I need to get the full Vietnam terrain data as well as partial of Cambodia and Laos into my project, I am also needing advice on how to use the 3d modelling in Unreal Engine 4
    I can't work out how to use full-screen mode for editing and placement, other than that good news is that I know how to import 3d models from Blender! That's the very first thing I've worked out so far with using Unreal Engine 4

    If anyone, out there does have a full Vietnam terrain data for use in Unreal Engine 4 this would save me some time! But I cannot distribute the game because I only have the free license version of Unreal Engine 4 so it will be a privately create game hopefully to be playable on my Xbox One rather than on PC

    Thanks in advance

    You can convert from HGT file format using the free TerreSculptor 2.0:

    For 3D modelling you can use Blender 2.83.1