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Change Material Emissive Parameter during Play

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    Change Material Emissive Parameter during Play

    Good morning,
    I`m struggling with something that seems simple...i want the emissive parameter of a material to gradually change to brighter as soon as the game starts, then get darker, in a constant loop. Any help would be appreciated on how to achieve this.

    Create a material with a Scalar Parameter as such...

    Create a blueprint with a static mesh, the material setting doesn't matter because you will create a Dynamic Material Instance in blueprint.

    Setup the blueprint Event Graph as such (This results in a 2 second looping pulse from 1 to 50 to 1 emissive)...

    The timeline will allow you to change the duration and level of emissive and provides a lot of control over how the emissiveness looks over time.

    ***The image links below are much higher resolution***
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