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Getting money from your projects on the UE4!

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    Getting money from your projects on the UE4!

    I apply to people that want to get money from their projects on the UE4.

    Our team has worked on the UE4 Marketplace for 3 years. We have got a huge experience in publishing and supporting our projects on this platform.

    Unfortunately, the creation of one high-quality project requires a lot of time. That is why we are interested in your projects. We offer you an intermediary service.

    What does it mean?
    Our team:
    • Guarantees an improvement of the visual part of your project and the optimization of the code
    • Will take care of product release and technical support
    • Will conduct an advertising campaign on Facebook and YouTube to increase product sales
    We will enter into a contract which will be made up by the lawyer. This contract will guarantee you full safety by the next conditions:
    • Our team sends you a financial report of your product at the end of every month
    • Our team pays you a negotiated percentage of the product sales
    • Our team helps to the customers and fix any issue in the project
    We always open to discuss new conditions.
    If you are interested in the partnership, we are ready to sign the contract up and start preparing your project to the publish.

    Other links
    Our Store's Discord
    Our Store's pages on the UE4 Marketplace:
    First page
    Second page
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