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Lip Sync. with mixamo/Fuse from Text or Audio

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    Lip Sync. with mixamo/Fuse from Text or Audio

    I worked about 8 hours today to get lip sync working in UE but it seems impossible.
    In Unity there are two awesome plugins which work perfect, but I am not able to export the facial movement to an animation which I can import into UE.

    Does anyone have a workflow to get lip sync working in UE from text or audio with Mixamo characters?
    Or maybe a workflow to import humanoid animations from Unity? I already tried several FBX export tools.
    I am shocked that there seems to be no solution even thought Fuse characters comes with blend shapes.

    Thanks in advance.

    Facial movement can be joint based or Blendshape/MorphTarget based or a combination of the two. What kind of facial movement are you trying to export?

    I made a video about adding lip sync to a fuse character in blender then exported the animation to blender. But it involves a paid plugin and some custom code you have to update yourself. However it absolutely can be done and is not impossible.

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