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    Game Jam / Holiday idea


    I'm thinking of putting together a business that offers a combination of a holiday and a Game Jam. I was hoping to do some market research and get some feedback from you guys.

    The idea is I would book a house somewhere fabulous, then put together a LAN network and spend the week during the day building a game under the guidance of some experienced developers. In the evening we would do more appropriate holiday activities.

    We would try to match up the people as much possible so they were all had complementary skills and similar interests. The idea being you could build your portfolio, meet like-minded people and learn to use some of the latest tools.

    If you could give me any feedback on the idea I'd really appreciate it before I start putting in work to organise a trial run:
    1. Would this be something that you would ever consider doing? and if not why?
    2. How much would the holiday side matter to you? I.E. things like being near a beach so on.
    3. Do you think a week is a good amount of time?
    4. What level of seriousness would appeal to you? It could be either a very relaxed where we don't expect to achieve much or it could be a very serious 'crunch' to make the best game you can?

    I'd put down a landing page to register interest, however at the moment, my primary goal is to get some feedback and advice.