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HELP...I just started developing my first game and I need some feedback.

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    HELP...I just started developing my first game and I need some feedback.

    Hello all,

    I started learning to use UE4 back in 2016 on my spare time. I made my first two prototypes some time last year. I am very determined to finishing at least one of them, but I don't have family or friends that are interested in video games nor are interested in the genre I'm setting this first game in.

    Here is a sample video:
    So far it is a flight simulation type of game with shooter mechanics that I am building as a 'bullet hell / shoot-em-up' type of game.

    Just by watching the video:
    1. Is my idea even any good?
    2. Does the game feel too intimidating to play?
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    1.) In my own opinion, don't listen what other people say about your idea, good or bad. Keep doing it everyday and try to finish your game, even if it is cruddy at the end.
    2.) The map is a little bit to big too my liking. Make it a little bit smaller, and have some interior where player can fly around inside a building.


      Thanks Livingshadows, I'll take your first advice to heart. I was trying to go for a semi-open-world kinda level, but your right it does take too much time to get to the action. I'll work on this once I start designing the levels.

      Better yet you have given me a great idea, I could use one medium size level like a hub in conjunction with smaller levels to help the pace of the game.

      Again many thanks.


        To those who might be interested in my game developing progress, here is a link to a temp website where i'm documenting my work: