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Fan made DC MARVEL superhero game

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    Don't do that, you don't know what you're doing and you're not going to get the legal rights anyway.

    If you want to get into game development, spend time learning and when you choose a project choose something that is well within your capability.

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  • started a topic Fan made DC MARVEL superhero game

    Fan made DC MARVEL superhero game

    I want to work on this massive open world game, option of multiplayer game. With many playable character, quests, challenges. My knowledge on ue4's blueprint is limited, and this is very ambitious. I wanna gather a team together. I am leading this project. I can design the map. And provide 3d models. I could use extra 3d model makers. I could also use multiple people to work on the bp. I'm still working on legal. I figured I just get a co project director to help me with that stuff.