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Tips and Tricks for a programmer switch from Unity to Unreal.

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    Tips and Tricks for a programmer switch from Unity to Unreal.

    Hi, i'm Honi and i work for a company that develop software by demand with JAVA, Javascript, html, CSS, PHP...etc. I also graduated last year in digital games as a hobby and a secondary profession. I'm also a big fan of Unity and his C# implementation, i used it every day in college and also never heard about other engines before. FORTNITE showed me Unreal Engine. So, this being said, i want to ask you people something.

    I'm trying to use Unreal Engine with C++, don't get me wrong, BP is very intuitive and a great tool, BUT, as a programmer i want to keep my self always coding for pratice ofcourse and plugin wires won't help, i don't have problems with logic.

    I want to learn it by my self but, along with the Unity to Unreal documentation i wanna know if any of you guys have some tips and tricks to make everything easier just because i have the weekends to learn.


    Just dive in and study some classes in the "GameFramework" folder of the source code. Actor, GameMode, GameState, PlayerState, PlayerController, Pawn, Character, CharacterMovementComponent etc.and derive classes from them and add some functions of your own.

    It is quite a lot of code so don't go through it all but use it to get an idea of how the code is being used. You will notice that a lot of functions and variables are exposed to Blueprint and i would recommend you do the same and get the hang of exposing functions that a designer may want to use in Blueprint. C++ and Blueprint go hand in hand.

    The jump from C# to C++ is not that difficult in Unreal since memory management is largely handled by UE4 as long as you use the built in functions to spawn Actors instead of using "new" to create your own objects.

    The difficult thing that I had to struggle with myself when starting with UE4 was to learn when to use all the different Macros and what they do exactly.

    I can strongly recommend that you get the plugin to Visual Studio named Visual Assist by Whole Tomato Software. It makes navigation and code completion much easier.