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C++ and UE

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    C++ and UE

    Hi! I want to create a game. I'm a 3D artist, I have almost all the skills required but C++, I have been studying UE for sometime now, And I always wonder, should I delve into C++?!
    "I actually had few lessons, but with so much going on I'd rather focus on higher priority subjects"

    I know that I wont be handling the coding, but this question keeps bugging me specially that I am new to gaming world and coming from a different discipline. Is it possible to create in UE with no knowledge in C++ and only relaying on blueprints system?!

    Your help is much appreciated! Thanks a lot.

    You'll likely find that for most things you'll be able to happily work in blueprint without having to touch the native code side. Worry about native code when you need to worry about it.