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    new laptop

    i was looking laptops for unreal engine use .
    so could laptop with i5-8250U run editor effectively?
    my current desktop with 3770k runs editor fine but i not sure about these core u cpus
    geekbench scores are
    i7-3770k single core 4113 multi core 13385
    i5-8250U single core 4006 multi core 10714
    what you think about these laptops ideapad 13.3 and vivobook s15 both have nvidia mx150 gb vram and 8 ram?

    actual project runs fine 60fps on lenovo miix 700 i7 y series and hd515, so editor is one what gives min specs for device i need.

    it takes so long to build shaders and stuff with hybrid so i can't use it and upgrading desktop comes later.

    have anybody ever seen duet pro style app for win/win use, current duet pro requires ipad pro ?

    what you need do know about these laptops and project to get answer what i need?
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    If you're looking for something to speed up building shaders and stuff like that you'll want a more powerful CPU than that. Also, for game development you'd want a good graphics card, something like a GTX 1050 or above would be good.


      no i was looking something what cheapest possible but still something comfortable to use and doubting i5-8250U 1.60 GHz base clock.
      something cheap and easy to take on the go.
      i just don't see buying more expensive laptop now if going to build more powerful desktop later this year and i would like to no how it could perform.
      because 30 day return allows me to test laptop how it works but feels waste of time if somebody can directly say its not enough and going i7-7700hq nearly doubles price.

      150mx is enough for now if i'm correct that is gt 1030 current project workas intel hd 515.


        i'm sorry if bad English or something was too hard to understand but forget everything above . please could somebody answer yes or no, is i5-8250U enough for unreal editor? 1.60-3.40 GHz.