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Unreal Editor Plugin question.

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    Unreal Editor Plugin question.

    [the problem]
    When doing blueprints I find it extremely laborious to do simple things such as branches/etc it becomes offputting to even use blueprints when I know that I could type most of what i want quicker and easier in a text editor than it would take to do a bunch of nodes.

    [the question]
    I Have googled a few times to see if there is a plugin for UE that would allow in blueprints the ability to...

    [proposed solution/answer]
    1: place a node that has: a text box and a create button
    2: writing some simple things in the box such as
    ex: "if int >= int"
    ex: "variable_name * variable_name_2"
    3: pressing the 'create' button would create a new macro graph in place of your already added node which could be opened to show a set of blueprint nodes already connected with best guess variables / functions.

    I assume something like the above would be quite involved to do which is fine, and i'm sure at least a few people would appreciate the ability to just write out in text some of their node math and have a plugin make a best guess attempt but, before I even step down that road one bit, has someone else already done this and have i just not seen it?

    PS. I know that blueprint is a different creature entirely than C++ and that blueprint isn't meant for everything but if i can take out even the smallest bit of work and keep the benefits of blueprint, i'd like to try.
    *edit, single word and PS.
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