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    Need help choosing a PC

    I don't know a lot about PC's I own a HP 2000 Notebook and a Aspire e 15 Laptop.
    Just got a used HP Envy Rove which one of these is best to use with UNREAL ENGINE 4? I need to know so i can return the ones i don't need.
    i'v checked a lot of the specs on these PC's but each ones has it's ups and down, any help out there?
    please let me know i really want to get started on development any recommends.

    Please list the CPU, GPU, amount of ram, and if they have an SSD. HP 2000 Notebook, Aspire e 15 Laptop, and HP Envy Rove tells us nothing about the specs.


      As [MENTION=3163]ZacD[/MENTION] mentioned, we'll need to see the specs of the PCs you have so we can help you out. You can also compare it to UE4's recommended requirements here.

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        (HP Envy Rove): [Windows 8.1] [Processor Intel Core 4th Generation i3 4010U CPU @ 1.7GHz] [System Type 64-bit Operating System x64-Based Processor] [Memory 4GB 1,600MHz DDR3 SDRAM (1 DIMM) Memory Max 16GB] [20- inch,1600x900 toch screen] [Graphics 32MB Intel HD Graphics 4000] [Storage 1TB SSHD Hard Drive].
        it can run the unreal engine at the highest setting with very little small lag but it can only run up to Unreal Engine 4.12 anything higher and it won't launch. also drops frame rate to 80% when compiling Textures.
        I had to install Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 to run the UE4 and DirectX it runs everything pretty smooth though.

        (Acer Aspire E-15) [Windows 8] [Processor Intel Core i3-4030U 3MB cache CPU @ 1.9GHz] [System Type 64-bit Operating System x64-Based Processor] [Graphics Intel HD Graphics 4400 RAM 4GB DDR3L RAM] [Screen 15.6 Inch, 1366x 768] [Storage 500GB 5400 rpm with 16 GB SSD cache].

        I didn't really try this one out fully it needs some installments like the HP Envy did but i didn't have time to do it I'll try later.

        (HP 2000 notebook PC) [Windows 8] [Processor Intel Pentium CPU 2030M @ 2.50GHz] [Memory Installed RAM 4.00GB (3.89 GB usable) Memory Max 8GB] System Type 64-bit Operating System x64-Based Processor [Screen 15.6 Inch, 1366x 768] [Graphics Intel HD Graphics 4400 RAM 4GB DDR3L RAM].

        I'v actually used this one for a long while now It can't run the Unreal Engine 4 at the highest setting without lagging a lot it has insane lag slight lag at the lowest settings but it can run all updates of the UE4
        the Envy can't run update 4.15 the HP 2000 can it runs pretty much everything smoothly except for the highest settings.