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New to the forum need some advise!

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    New to the forum need some advise!

    Hey guys I'm new here to the forum I've been wanting to use UE4 for a very long time but never could afford a good enough PC to run it (tough times ha) but this weekend I will finally be getting myself a very nice piece of gear, my dream since a young age was to create a mobile rpg/mmo as I was always obsessed and fascinated that such things could exist on the move, games such as pocket legends that started it all then order & chaos swept the mobile mmo community off there feet, and since then it's been a pretty dull time with just loads of Pay to win ARPGs flooding the store there just seems to be nothing else left.. and the community is dead So..

    My plan was to finally start this project I don't have much coding background I'm more an arty person with a book full of ideas, I do have a friend of myn who's helping me who's a software engineer and does have a strong coding knowledge, question was it seems iOS building in UE4 isn't as popular would a lot of the functions needed be hard to find? As I'm completely new to this im not looking to create a full scale 100000 player MMORPG at all just a very small scale personal project and see where it takes me, I have been doing research for the last few weeks leading up to getting my PC, is there any form of guidence? Or advise anyone can give on where to start and what the best way to approach such a project however long it may take? Also if anyone feels the same way about iOS rpgs your more then Welcome to get on board as see where it takes us!
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    I've used other software for making games, but I'm not a programmer and I don't have much time under my belt in unreal. My advise to you, having wasted years on a ton of unfinished projects due to life obligations, a lack of commitment to projects I've started, and the need to make every project all that I want it to be, is to start out with simple games that you finish and finish often. As you start to get your bearings you can work on things in your mini projects that will come in handy for your grand vision.

    If you prove your ability to get things done, people will join you in your quest.
    Like a consultant I knew said once, "set modest goals and consistently achieve them."
    Or like the guy from id said when he was asked what the hardest thing was about making a game, and he responded, "finishing it."
    But as Morpheus also said" there is a difference between knowing the path and walking it"
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      try to start with something small for experience and learning purpose, going big when you are ready

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        Welcome to the community [MENTION=719353]Dextality[/MENTION]!

        From the sound of it you seem to be new to UE4 development, you'll probably want to read up on the documentation/watch the videos to get a good understanding of the engine before embarking on a project from the get go.

        Here are some resources you might find useful:

        Video Tutorials


        UE4 Youtube

        Best of luck with learning UE4 and your project! =)

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