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    Hi! This plugin is awesome, but I have one problem. I can’t upload scores from several devices connected to one same router. My game it's an educational app and players play from tablets and pcs connected via wifi to the same router of the school. Is there a way to get all devices uploading scores at the same time from the same router? Thank you!
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      I find potential bug, score submission fails if value in meta data have "+" character
      My Tutorials:
      Basic knowledge about Classes and UObject environment and stuff like that


        Originally posted by Orion_Omega View Post
        I update plugin on 4.21 & 4.22 theres links on bellow :
        4.21 :!6E4EnYxZ!aOvc7rbT6...df7ybOUb8wXmrw
        4.22 :!2dh2TIqA!Zr2ICbMpX...p-cDkt5ChN-gd4

        I don't modified anything is just update to work on 4.21 or 4.22 !

        Hope this helps
        Any chance you could build one for 4.24 ? Thanks


          Anyone had success in compiling for 4.24?

          EDIT: compiled it.

          -Open the 4.20 BP project from Epicleaderboard site using 4.23
          -Add a C++ Empty class, Close editor, Change ue4 Version to open project file with RightMouse, again Regenerate ProjectFiles and Open in 4.24
          -Let it autocompile for you, needs vs2019 ( i had source also but did not required it for compilation)
          -Use the Plugin Compliled folder and enjoy :-)
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            thank you so much for this awesome feature / plugin. I wonder if there's a way to sign up / login in a safe way since my browser always say that the connection is not safe.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	notsafe.PNG
Views:	292
Size:	4.2 KB
ID:	1701579

            Any advise?


              It seems that the creator abandoned this project some time ago. Do you guys know any similar alternatives?


                Hi Beardy,

                Thank you for your post!

                I was just starting to study how to use this plug-in and I'm wondering what is the current status of this project?

                Does the leaderboard server still functional at this point? or the creator doesn't have the time to update the plug-in to the latest version of UE4 (but the old version is still usable)?

                Anyways, I think this project looks very promising, I hope the creator can continue to support this wonderful project.
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                  Hey Rit,

                  i'm not sure what is the current status of this project but it looks like nothing was changed/updated since UE 4.20.

                  The project itself, implementation and UX is really nice to work with. Imo creator abandon it because of no income. No wonder it doesn't generate income, project's Patreon is really hard to find ( also monthly payment as the only way to support is not a good financial model for this type of "plug in". There should be also a "one time, pay as you want" method.

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                    Hello Beardy,

                    Ah, I see! Thank you for the clarification.


                      just want to thank you , it does all the job
                      really many thanks from a big fan


                        Is this plugin dead? I see it's not been updated since ue4.20


                          Would definetely buy it , but in a more pro version type


                            anyone have a 4.25 version ?


                              Hi guys, it's possible use this plugin whit a timing leaderboards (mm:ss:has)?


                                here you go everyone, ive updated it to 4.24 and 4.25

                                4.24 version :
                                4.25 version :