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FREE custom nodes non kernel blurs

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    [ASSETS] FREE custom nodes non kernel blurs

    hi everyone, after 2 month learning unreal engine, it s time to share a bit to a community that teach me a lot.
    so here are a few HLSL blurs code for the material editor's custom node.

    those are non kernel non ponderated blurs for now.
    you can find them here :

    here is hot to setup them :

    and a sample render of the box blur :

    what you have to know :
    - i'm no hlsl pro coder
    -there are of 2 types alpha and non alpha.
    the non alpha will blur the whole frame, and the alpha only where alpha > 0(the samples are reduced to 1 where alpha = 0 getting the computation lower on the non blurred parts)
    - the box blur is a bit slow to render has it takes a lot of samples (2*samples²+1). so it my not be used during gameplay tasks.
    -the sample amount is limited to 12 to avoid driver crashes as some blurs use lots of samples.
    -the clamp aim at reducing the artifacts generated by the borders as the scene texture UV are non 0-1 range (for the screen ). i did this cause calculating the UV requires a lot of calculations, but if you have an other idea to fix it just tell me.

    Things to add :
    in the future , i will add a ponderation (probably sin based) of the samples to achieve a gaussian-like look.
    if you have any idea of what i can add, feel free to ask ! and thanks for all you have shared for us !

    I have been in ue4 for about two weeks.
    So I have a lot of questions and I write this reply.
    Oh, even if my English is poor, please understand.
    I use c ++ only and I want to make a blur effect.
    How did you make use of blueprints and C ++?
    Can I make it using only C ++ without blueprints?
    And how should the contents of the txt file in be applied?
    It is not easy to read and understand the document in a short time.
    I want to get your help.
    thank you