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3 Degree of Freedom ATV Simulator

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    Looks really awesome!

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    3 Degree of Freedom ATV Simulator

    Hi All,

    For my master's thesis I've developed a three degree of freedom ATV/ Quad Bike Simulator. I used the UE4duino plugin to convert an instrumented ATV into a controller for the ATV in the game. We then wrote a plugin that sends the orientation of the ATV in the game to the motion simulation platform in turn. Next we will use an Xsens MTx mocap suit, a Vicon marker mocap system, and Tekscan FlexiForce sensors to look at the biomechanics of the user as they traverse course ranging in difficulty. As far as we are aware, we are the only research group in the world with a functioning ATV simulator. Hope you all think it's as cool as I do, although I might be a little biased.


    John Michael