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Luos's "One Particle A Day/356 days" showcase

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    Luos's "One Particle A Day/356 days" showcase

    Hey All!

    It has been a while since I did a showcase and since I am getting more and more excited working with particles and effects I thought it would be interesting to start a small project.

    I present to you:

    Luos's "One Particle A Day/356 days" showcase

    Starting today (or yesterday-ish actually) I will post one particle effect every day and will try to keep this up for an entire year.
    I will try to keep it interesting, and hopefully also try something out of my comfort zone on a regular basis.
    Obviously there will be days where I don't have the time, (work/vacation/real life stuff) but that just cannot be avoided.

    Some points:

    1. I will post a new effect every day. (with a few exceptions of course)
    2. I will also record the whole process of the creation of this effect, this will be sped up to stay within 30 minutes.
    3. Occasionally I will goof off in the video's, either because I am trying new stuff, or because I have no clue how to proceed.
    4. Sometimes I wont be doing the fastest route. (goofing off/inexperience/I'm weird)
    5. I will post two videos, one just showing off the particle effect, the other will be the entire process sped up.
    6. You can suggest effects, but this wont mean I will be making it, or that you have any ownership over it.

    disclaimer btw,

    brain was still in a very tired 5-am-ish powers of two mode.. thought to myself.. hmm 356 days right?? (256)
    and meh, ill stick with it

    Particle playlist
    A particle a day/356 playlist

    Month 1 is now submitted to the marketplace!

    I recently created a patreon so I can spend more time working on particles and tutorials. (as well as tutorials and helping out more on answerhub/forums/facebook/etc)
    I would really appreciate it if you'd care and support me

    Skype: same username.
    UE4 Marketplace: Link!

    Ok, without any further ado:


    1/356 Speed Creation Video
    Last edited by Luos; 05-14-2016, 07:30 PM. Reason: Added patreon :)

    Click image for larger version

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    Good work man.
    Lee Devonald
    Character Technical Artist.


      356 days later you'll never want to see a single particle ever again


        Cue Niagara coming out on Day 366.

        Can't wait to see the cool stuff you make!
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          Can you make tutorial too loved your work man keep it up


            Wow, That's pretty awesome!!!
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            Lead Developer - Ionized Games


              Awesome and ambitious project!
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                This is amazing. I don't know if you are doing requests but if you could do a nuke explosion that would be the bomb


                  Cool Will follow this!


                    And here we are again gentlepeople

                    This time inspired by Phantasy Star 4's TriBlaster!



                    As for the tutorial requests:
                    I wont be doing tutorials for these, making one of these a day is already taking a chunk out of my time a day, and to add a tutorial to that would make it insanely tiresome for me.
                    Occasionally I might make a tutorial, but if you watch the few tutorials I did make, you should in theory be able to make all these as well.

                    As for the particle requests:
                    I am accepting requests, but not promising.


                      Nice thread Luos!
                      W3 Studios


                        Can you do Epic Pokemon Hydro Pump like with water splashing everywhere.


                          Originally posted by ScopioX View Post
                          Can you do Epic Pokemon Hydro Pump like with water splashing everywhere.
                          Maybe one day
                          Ill keep it in mind!


                            Due to not having that much time today, todays particle effect is a bit lacking.. but with so many particles upcoming I can permit myself to not always deliver above-mediocre stuff.

                            particle effect 3 of 356

                            SpeedCreate video:


                              nice i would like to see Hammer of Dawn from Gears of War