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[C++][Blueprint] Main menu and in game menu with basic game, graphics, controls and audio settings.

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    Originally posted by ZioYuri78 View Post
    This example is old and unstable and everytime a new version of the engine pop up i have problems with plugins, i strongly suggest to replicate the plugin function into a blueprint with the use of "Get Game User Settings" node and all the other nodes.

    I'm sorry but i don't have time to convert my C++ plugin into Blueprints for you
    After reading that comment i gave it a crack and I converted all the game settings to use blueprint nodes, then copied the content folder to a blank project and moved to using Rama's victory plugin for the rebinding so my project is back to being only blueprint for now lol, the only thing i lost was the auto detect but theres probably away to do this in Blueprint as well if not its no biggy thanks again.


      this looks pretty nice !!
      is this for your game only, or is this free for everybody. Could really use it ;-)
      kind regards


        So, I downloaded the project and wanted to study some of the stuff. However, since I'm a noob can someone tell me what is not working? I think every button works in PIE, do things break when I build the project?

        Nevertheless, thanks for this huge gift, I peaked into some of the blueprint stuff and learned a ton already <3.
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          So is this stable and acceptable for 4.13?
          Im looking for something that will work with what i have. The Cardinal system broke my entire widget system and i ended up having to remove the Cardinal menu out of the project entirely. I was certainly not happy about it, but, any other system (advanced social and inventory system) would lose functionality (entirely) when adding in the menu. Removal and it would magically start working ...

          but, back to the topic at hand .. does this setup work with 4.13 and is it able to be implemented into current projects? Can i use the same cast to system that i am using for my social system?
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            I read the implementation, it's a really simple plug-in, code is well documented. It's just making a Blueprint Library, the only way you could break it, is when Epic uses same names or rewrites the functions or is my way of thinking 2 easy?
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              Is it possible to display the UI in 3D space via a blueprint?

              in short, I'm trying to display the UI in VR.


                does anybody have a tutorial on how to make a complete settings menu in blueprint?



                  Ok, i'm an idiot

                  The plugin + content work fine in 4.13.1 here, you only have to set these in MainMenuLib.uplugin

                  "Type": "Runtime"

                  "EnabledByDefault": true

                  and add the plugin module to the dependency in .Build.cs like here

                  PublicDependencyModuleNames.AddRange(new string[] { "Core", "CoreUObject", "Engine", "InputCore", "MainMenuLib" });
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                    How would i go about doing this?