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[TUTORIAL] Triplanar material

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    Thanks for this, download now to check it out


      Can you re-upload it please?


        Hi Steve, yes please re-upload if possible. This material looks great.

        I'm coming from the world of Solidworks looking to visualize in Unreal and UV's have been holding me from being able to do this. My Cad assemblies have 100's of parts, most of which would be fine with a standard cubic mapping (I think that's what is referred to here as tri-planar?). So this could be the solution? I would still create UV's for the large and important parts, but small things like bolts or whatever could really benefit from this.

        A couple questions:
        - Would existing materials like a Substance material be able to plug into this, or would I be looking to create all materials from scratch?
        - Also am I correct that you could bring in an object with no UV's applied, and this material would map it tri-planar?
        - Am I on the right track with this or am I missing some other workflow to easily throw a cubic mapping to a non-UV object?

        Thanks very much.


          Sorry about the late response, I've been afk for a bit. I had started to roll the shaders into one of my other projects to simplify code maintenance.

          - For substance, you should be able to create a parent material and use material instances just like any other material.

          - An object with no UVs should be fine. Worst case scenario, you have to auto generate UVs. They don't have to be pretty since you're using texture projection.
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