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FbxBuilder - Rebuilds FBX static mesh imports to retain original pivots!

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    [PLUGIN] FbxBuilder - Rebuilds FBX static mesh imports to retain original pivots!

    Hi all!

    Wanted to share a plugin I made that lets you keep all of your original pivot points without them moving to 0,0,0 when brought into Unreal.

    Source included!

    Download plugin:

    Compatible with UE4 version 4.9.2 and requires that you use Maya(Freeze Transformations) to export final FBX to Unreal. Also just for Static Meshes only, no skeletal meshes supported.

    Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions!

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    YES!!!! I needed this. Much thanks!
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      Awesome effort, but to tell you the truth the procedure to get it all in seems to be more effort than to just zero out the pivots in Maya before exporting...
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        Hi Damir yeah, it sounds like a good long procedure but once you know it it is actually really quick to do. I can easily do all the steps in under a minute. It has been really helpful to me and just wanted to share. For example, I had a car that I wanted to import that had four wheels, four doors, a hood, and a trunk lid that all had their own pivots so they could spin/open. The only way I know of now to do that without the plugin is to start in Maya and move every wheel, door, and lid to the origin then import into UE4 so that they retain their pivots. Then in UE4 I would have to reposition all the pieces back into place by hand in a blueprint. For me at least the steps in the plugin are a ton faster than the alternative.


          Fair enough, not bashing, just pointing it out.

          Out of curiosity - does the importer actually retain the mesh pivots or does it just position them properly based on the struct when I place them inside the BP?

          i.e. if I were to open the static mesh editor for the offsetted pieces, will they still be offsetted?
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              @DamirH - No worries, didn't think you were bashing

              The mesh pivots are retained during the building phase of the fbx import....each vertex gets offset so that once it is done building the mesh the pivot is in the correct place. The struct is just for mesh positioning and parenting in the blueprint.

              So if you open one of the mesh pieces in it's static mesh editor, the pivot would be in the correct place on the mesh but it would be at 0,0,0....hope that makes sense lol.


                Requires Maya?
                I'm not on my Cad machine at the moment so can't test this but any reason this script will not work using 3DSMax FBX files?

                Freeze Transform / Freeze Rotation



                  @GeoffCoope - The Freeze Transform in Max is different from Maya's unfortunately...the Max version adds a controller and doesn't really zero everything out for the fbx.

                  I originally was trying to get Max to work with this plugin but didn't have much success...however your comment made me look into it again and I actually was able to find a way to make it work using Reset XForm.

                  I had tried that method before but I think I was using it incorrectly. Even with the Reset XForm there were a couple of technical hurdles to overcome because of the way Max stores it's fbx info, but I think I have it working now.

                  I will update the code and release it this evening along with 3ds Max specific instructions.


                    Brilliant. Look forwards to giving it a shot.


                      Any update on the max version of this? I cant wait! its exactly what ive been trying to achieve for weeks!


                        How I missed this... Pretty awesome tool!
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                          Hope to have the 3ds Max support up very soon...making some new changes that make it so it works with Maya and Max as well as not having to Freeze Transforms anymore.


                            It seems very useful. I have very heavy meshes and I was looking for this. Although I am working on Max I shall try pass the file to Maya and use your tutorial to pass the mesh to UE 4. Thank you for sharing your work!