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[BLUEPRINT] Procedural Book Generator

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    Originally posted by ajbombadill View Post
    This is a wonderful useful asset BP giveaway, thank you very much for your generosity!

    You are very welcome, ajbombadill!


      Hi, I find your Blueprint really good overall, I am developing a bunch of maps to be used like a texture atlas - there is just one thing missing, which is the inclusion in the textures of another section for the book fore edge. I know it would make the blueprint more complex, but if you add 5% of the texture atlas you can probably calculate a set of different textures on the side and do a color mask to separate materials - instead of having 300 draw calls you could boil down things to half with a few hundred books - even more effective with an actor bake function?

      I am a complete noob just learning unreal, I am an archviz guy trying to make real time, and I heard some more experienced colleagues that your work, even though great, could use a bit more improvement on the base meshes side and the texture atlas layout. Keep it up, thanks!



        First of all, thank you for the awesome blueprint. I would like to get some help. I use it for my VR project and I've got a 4.18 version. When I put the books according to the video, in the UE4 viewport, everything is okay. However when I watch in VR mode with Oculus Rift, the book's textures or material aren't visible. What's wrong?

        I hope you can help me. Thank you!

        Janos Csaszar