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Yet another FPS blueprint tutorial...

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    Hmmm, Twitch shows no past broadcast, Blog site is down, and only place to find this is on Unreal Wiki. Is this process still ongoing or has the author abandoned it for now?


      Is it compatible with 4.12?


        Originally posted by Major Mints View Post
        I gotta say, this tutorial is one of the best and most educational ive run into on the forums! THANKS Arbopa!!!!!!!!!

        sadly, I seem to have run into another issue. When running my game, i dont get any text showing up for my "Maps" but i believe everything is set up the way i was supposed to....HMMMMM

        here is what i see when i run the game.

        I feel the only place i could have gone wrong is in the Set_Map_Name_TXT macro here's a pic of that event graph as well.

        Thanks for taking a look guys
        It's been awhile but I didn't see this answered. I had the same problem and the solution for me was to set the Game Instance class in Maps & Modes in Project Settings.


          Originally posted by Frutis6 View Post
          Is it compatible with 4.12?
          Yes it very much is.

          Just follow through the tutorial and read all extra comments on the PDF and it will work.


            Originally posted by Aquazi View Post
            Is the graphics array we create in Settings blueprint (save class) an Array of type structure or is it an integer? Because the tutorial has different indications:



            Your project has this:


            And I really don't understand these node connections.

            I tried to connect the graphics array (of type structure) then breaking it, inputting index from the broken array into get and the button into C of the append (I obviously have a space in B) but it fails to cast (I added a debug branch in the getselected macro function in MM_S_V_Line):


            Did you or anyone else end up figuring out a solution for this? There are a bunch of instances that graphics array is used and would have to go back and fix a bunch of things to use an integer instead.



              In the tutorial you say you should duplicate this:
              But i now have this:
              But i don't really get how you make the Error MSGTXT variable.



                The tutorial says i have to duplicate this: Click image for larger version

Name:	c3091780e3ce5260cf4d845a53feddda.png
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                I now have this: Click image for larger version

Name:	9606e613a958e1b3a3161f50fad26cb0.png
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ID:	1118254
                But i don't really get how i should add the Error_MSGTXT variable.


                  Hi guys, I'm stuck and I have no idea why. I'm at the 21 page of the first PDF to check if the main menu show up correctly. Unfortunatly I only have the background, no menu. Menu only appear if I remove the macro leave_current_state "mainmenu" from the custom event 'Show_MainMenu".

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	85a571731d4d4b029a996aa5466dbdc1.png
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                  Project RAR :!CA81iahL!dYyzaM6lJ...ijBkJ8mVhhaev8


                    This answers some of my problems!
                    'Admonished' by Breakdown Studios; EARLY PREVIEW


                      Hi, first of all thanks arbopa for this awesome tutorial!

                      I´m having a little problem, i can not get my score limit and time limit to show the values I specified on the ENUMS, i get the number of the slot position instead, and I have selected the bind for them in the designer... ¿any one have passed through this? thanks in advance Click image for larger version

Name:	capture1.PNG
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Name:	capture2.PNG
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                        LAN Boolean Error on Host_Game

                        Hi and first off thank you for the great tutorial on hosting in UE4!

                        I have followed your tutorial and have learned a great deal from it. I didn't run into any problems up until we start pulling our data to the host_game in the MM_Host. I created a LAN boolean in both the game instance and the MM_Host. When I try and connect the LAN pins to the host_game and the game instance this is what I get:

                        "This blueprint (self) is not a My_GameInstance_C, therefore ' Target ' must have a connection."

                        "Variable node Get LAN uses an invalid target. It may depend on a node that is not connected to the execution chain, and got purged."

                        I have attached a screenshot of the problem below. I also realize that my mode nodes aren't properly connected in this picture. They have recently been fixed.

                        Any help would be greatly appreciated!

                        Thanks, Renzuken


                          RealVilla, from the photo above, the cast is not connected.... either connect in execution train from "onclick" or convert to pure cast.


                            Rob Moore. Thank you so much. I've been using ways to get around this but I felt like it wasn't going to work. For example, I was trying to set up my audio and had the same problem. So I created my variable in a different place than game instance. Now I can go back and fix all these little mistakes. Thanks again