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    This is cool! If you check out my examples, I'm sure it will give you some ideas to expand on. I'll definitely take a look at this.

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    Vehicle Navigation Examples


    I am posting a link to a project I have made over the last few days. There are three maps with basic blueprints that allow you to set path navigation input to your vehicles.
    They are pretty rough but hopefully gets you in the neighborhood of setting up your AI using vehicle physics. The spline based example is a "reset to track function" away from being passable , for arcade AI. Only one uses Navdata , which is simply programmed to find a path to a random location, the other two use predetermined paths set by you. I started making these examples when I saw a post from someone asking how to setup their vehicle AI for a matinee scene. These examples should allow you to set simple A to B or advanced track paths. The biggest issue seems to be the car slipping in turns which makes the car loop around its goal location for awhile. I tried to keep the AI moving as close to top speed as possible, more adjustments to the vehicle movement settings should help with slipping, slow speeds handle very well. There is also a small flying AI example that could be satisfactory if you find a nice rotation interp setting.

    Made in 4.7.5

    Download zip

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Update to first map here
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