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Milord Tutorials - A new UE4 tutorial channel

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    Milord Tutorials - A new UE4 tutorial channel

    Hey guys, I am creating cool new tutorials for the Unreal Engine 4, covering slightly more complex ideas while trying to make it easy to understand.

    UE4 Bow and Arrow Tutorial. In this playlist I explain:
    • Setting up the arrow and getting the arching rotation working
    • Creating the adjustable velocity of the arrow
    • Getting the arrow to impale and stick into the enemy
    • Emit particles from hitting different objects

    UE4 Enemy AI Tutorial. In this playlist I explain:
    • Setting up our first AI
    • Setting up the Instigator system and basic AI movement
    • Getting the AI to use the instigator system and attack whoever shoots at him
    • Adjusting his arrow angle to shoot "accurately" at the enemy

    UE4 Procedural Generated Building. In this playlist I explain: This series is still being built
    • The concept of this procedural generation form
    • Using Instanced Static Meshes to make our Procedural cube
    • Hollowing out the ProcGen cube to get the inside space of the building
    • Creating the floors using Modulus

    For future videos, I plan on doing a generic RTS playlist, Animation handling, replication, and a TON more.

    If you have any requests, please post them in the comments below. Like and subscribe! I hope you like them

    Please note that I have removed your duplicate threads in the other forums, I have sent you a PM with regards to this. Thanks.
    Quinton Delpeche
    Founder - Gobbo Games | Designer - The Colony 2174 (Board Game) | Developer - Riders of Asgard


      Hey guys, just bumping because I think this is a great resource for UE4 developers. More videos to come!


        Currently following your Arrow tutorial - can't wait to see your RTS series! Thanks.