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Mechanic Replication - YouTube Tutorial Series Idea

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    Mechanic Replication - YouTube Tutorial Series Idea

    Ever look at a game and been like: 'Woah, how'd they do that?'
    Well this series is for you.

    Hey there, I'm Litruv.

    I'm a 3D artist and Programmer hybrid that has been to a games development school in Canberra and Melbourne for the past 5 years, doing both 3D art, animation and programming, to top it off taking the incubator course at AIE, running my own indie company.

    I'm here to start up a weekly (possibly more) YouTube series on how to make certain existing game mechanics and materials.

    I'm wanting to take a couple suggestions to see what you guys would like to see in these particular videos.

    Throughout an mechanic episode I will be
    • Talking about the game.
    • Talking about how the mechanic takes place.
    • Talking about it on a technical level.
    • Stepping through how to make the mechanic in UE4.

    And similarly on a material episode
    • Talking about the game.
    • Showing where the material is / What is looks like + does.
    • Stepping through how to make the material in UE4.

    I will be uploading my completed tutorial files after each video also.

    Any suggestions to what game mechanics/materials you might like to see replicated would be appreciated.

    Pretty much that's the show for now until I start recording.

    Ta-ta for now!

    This is very cool of you. If I could make a suggestion? How about dialogue wheels?

    Click image for larger version

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    Like in modern RPGs like Mass Effect and The Walking Dead.

    They're not very flashy, but I'm pretty interested in meat-and-potatoes game mechanics right now. If you have any experience with a system like this and are willing to share, that would be fantastic.
    I'm an artist! Check out my work at and hit me up!

    You can e-mail me at


      That could actually be a little fun to do, I do actually have a little experience with some dialogue trees in other engines but yet to go for Unreal.

      I'll get on it tonight


        Man, that would be so awesome! Subscribed the tread. Can't wait!
        A human would do everything to make his life more simple..
        even absurdly over-complicate it.
        -Christopher Henselt "How I Broke Atlantis"


          thats cool
          i would love to see how the UMGs widgets works in the multiplayer