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Tool to make paper2d hitbox collision in Adobe Flash

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    Tool to make paper2d hitbox collision in Adobe Flash

    Hi guys, here at creativity kitchen we use Flash for all of our animations, we don't do traditional animation, we instead build characters and then pose them.

    We wanted some proper lightweight collision for UE4 flipbooks, so obviously hitboxes are the best idea, since UE4 doesn't support it nativelly, and using the shrink wrap collision mode is really resource intensive, we built a tool that makes our flash creations into hitbox-based collision data in the form of a invisible sprite we place on top of our graphic sprite and let that handle collision.

    So to show how our extension works here are some kirby pictures for illustration:

    You might wonder about the hitboxes for the mouth and stuff, this is not an issue, as what gets exported is just a blue mass like in the first pic.

    You can also disable hitboxes for certain parts if you really want to.

    If you want to check out the current source code go here, it's not yet ready for production usage, so beware of bugs.