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    This is amazing, you are doing the work of gods :P A quick question regarding the planet scale on the material parameters. I'm making procedurally generated planets, which means they are all a different size and position and also are rotating. My question is, how can i expose the planet scale parameter in the MPC to update it with my BP? And also, what you sugest is the best way to update the lights on tick?

    EDIT: Adding to the first question, what's the relation between the Bias and the planet scale? is the Bias the same as the size of the planet?
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      [MENTION=155]TheJamsh[/MENTION] I don't see the "Getting The Most Out Of Texture Compression" video, Could you post a link?
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      Frames Per Second is NOT a proper performance metric, You should use frame time. You can read this or this as to why.
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        It should still be on my twitch channel under highlights, if not it's gone forever I'm afraid.

        Twitch had an update around that time and it stopped me from downloading my video and copying over to the 'tube.


          In case someone doesn't find it:
          [MENTION=155]TheJamsh[/MENTION] could you upload it to YouTube in case Twitch does bad things? :3