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    Thanks for these beautiful assets!



      This is great. I have one issue I'm hopping you can help me with. I'm trying to add WASD control to the camera so the user can manually navigate to locations without having to click on an actor.

      I have a "InputAxis MoveForward" and "InputAxis MoveRight" with a "AddActorLocalOffset" to move the Pawn. This works, but if I am looking down my pawn moves through the ground, if my camera is up, it goes towards the sky. I basically would like for it to just move in the direction my camera is facing when W is pressed, and right when D is pressed, etc.

      Any suggestions on how this is done?

      Eldridge Felder

      Animation/Visualization Manager
      WorthGroup Architects


        Hi! Thanks for the tool. Very helpful. Question... Why can't I pan around the scene while in play? I can tumble around the pivot and also zoom. Thanks. 4.19 on Mac.


          thanks for this awesome camera ! I was looking for a "sketchlab like" camera to present design projects and your work is really great
          Good job


            Someone, can help me to add PAN (change x,y location of the camera according to the mouse movement) function to this fantastic blueprint? I tried to add AddActorWorldOffset but doesn't work.


              Seems that thread is dead, but I will try))))

              I need to add 2 same blueprints into the scene, but works only one of them (latest that was placed in the scene). So, one of my cams I can rotate/zoom and another one can't be moved at all. Is there any way to make both of them work together?

              BP itself works absolutely fine and pretty easy to understand and modify even for complete beginner as I am, but still... no idea why it's not working.


                Thank you AlFlakky, for this awesome BP, its working prety good with mouse.
                i think an update with touch integration would be welcome.
                Thank you.


                  Originally posted by AlFlakky View Post
                  Here is simple camera orbit rotation BP(not sure about my English here ). It is a simple pawn, that can be rotated around focused object. It might be very usefull for ArchVis projects or model presentations.

                  Here is a vid demo:

                  Object focusing(with smooth transition)
                  Touch Support
                  Pitch limits (by Y axis)
                  Speed rotation setup
                  Hello, is there a way to "hang" the camera to a single object without having the ability to change or move the camera? In fact, I would need a camera of this kind, but which can only rotate around a single object and which follows its movements, is it possible from your blueprint?

                  Oh and sorry for my English, I'm French.