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HotHUD - A C++ HUD window manager for Blueprints

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    HotHUD - A C++ HUD window manager for Blueprints

    Greetings (and happy holidays),

    I've been tinkering with UE for a short while and thought I'd share some code I've been working on to make dynamic HUDS a little easier to manage - I call it 'HotHUD', and you can get the code off my GitHub at

    I'll be updating the code regularily as my requirements evolve (and as good graphics assets for window chrome become available), and welcome constructive feedback.

    The (large) screenshot below is of a construction script of a BP derived from a HotHUD which creates 3 backpacks with a few items in the first two which can be dragged and dropped
    by the player (Dropping isn't actually done yet - probably finish it up tomorrow).

    Click image for larger version

Name:	HotHud_ExampleConstructionScript_Rev1.png
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    Link to a short video of the thing as it works today:

    And finally a snippet of the C++ header file which gives a little more juice:

    * Thanks for checking out HotHud, a window manager for the UE 4.6 HUD. With HotHud,
    * you can easily create complex user-interfaces via blueprints *at runtime* with all
    * of the window manager complexity taken care of for you. I developed (and am
    * continuing to develop) HotHud mainly as a way of exploring UE and well.. because I
    * needed a good HUD for my project .
    * Some of HotHuds notable features include:
    * - Dynamic player movable windows with title-bars, borders..
    * - Single / Multi-line player editable text-boxes.
    * - TileGrid controls for displaying lists of items which can be dragged & dropped
    * by the player.
    * - Easy(?) to deal with co-ordinate system (controls are relative to their parent).
    * List of things I'm working on and hoping to get done soon:
    * - Smart automatic scroll-bars.
    * - More controls
    * - Texture support for window chrome.
    * - The UE object model is pretty new to me, so I'm likely not interfacing with the
    * engine in 'the best' way, but with tinkering comes wisdom so I have no doubt it
    * will improve over time. Constructive feedback and suggestions as to better
    * use the object model is appreciated.
    * - Textures are not yet supported for window chrome. This will be changed once
    * i have some good textures to use - as it turns out I suck at drawing
    * - Editable text boxes do not work yet.
    * - TextBoxes do not scroll properly yet.
    * - There are lots of internal code cleanups needed - this is very much a work in
    * progress .



    Nice job
    I expected challenges - but I never thought they'd be so bad, so long, and so frequent.


      Nice, but since is under GPL this useless for people wants to use this in a game.
      Hevedy - Instance Tools:
      Hevedy - Image Tools:


        Originally posted by Hevedy View Post
        Nice, but since is under GPL this useless for people wants to use this in a game.
        To say at least, that UE4 Eula excludes any code that is under GPL. Technically you can't even use it with engine . - Action RPG Starter kit. Work in Progress. You can use it in whatever way you wish.


          Doh of course it can't be GPL - I'll change the license to BSD.


            It project live or dead? Don't drop it , please!!!
            And thank for BSD.


              Link broken.....