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Sound Design & Alien: Isolation - Part 7: Footsteps & Foley

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    [TUTORIAL] Sound Design & Alien: Isolation - Part 7: Footsteps & Foley

    In this video we borrow footsteps from Epic's Shooter Demo and from Alien: Isolation itself.

    We also use Foley sounds, which are the other sounds of Player movement: clothing, accessories, equipment, etc.

    We set up a system that allows us to switch both footsteps and Foley based on the physical material of the ground the Player is walking over and the clothing they're wearing.

    This system will be really useful generally, allowing you to customise the sounds your character makes based on the clothing they're wearing. And you can expand it, too, adding sounds to reflect what weapons or equipment they're carrying. Remember not to overdo it - each sound should have a purpose or function: it should need to be there.

    We're using the Modular Scifi Season 2 Starter Bundle by Jonathon Frederick which you can download for free here on the Epic Marketplace:

    Video: Alien: Isolation, SEGA
    Audio: Intro and Outro Music: Trials, by Valkyrie Sound
    LinkedIn | Insta | YouTube | SoundCloud | | Sound Design, Composition, Production