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Stack Game Prototype Free for you all

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    [GAME] Stack Game Prototype Free for you all

    I decided I would release this Free for you all

    If you have played stack before then you know what it is.
    This gist is you have tiles spawn from left to right and you must stack them up each time the excess gets cut off and your tile gets smaller and smaller.
    If you miss the game ends.

    Comes with tutorial Blueprint to explain things, start game and Game over widgets
    Saves high score and updates it when u beat it

    Plays sound when you place tile
    Plays background music
    Plays a sound when you beat High score.
    Left over tiles auto destroy so clear up memory.
    Has Bound Boxes so if tile overlaps then the game ends
    Tiles and background change color as you progress.

    Everything is commented and organised very nice for you to easily find and locate everything

    Here is some images for you.



    Game Over

    Core BluePrint

    The core of this was built from youtube tutorial and added the extra stuff for you connivance.
    There is a Marketplace option that Basicly does same thing except this is FREE and to credit the original work.

    Here is the Youtube link by kncept

    Download Link