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Advanced Blueprints Tutorials (Multiplayer) (FREE Download)

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    [TUTORIAL] Advanced Blueprints Tutorials (Multiplayer) (FREE Download)

    Hi everyone!
    Recently I've been reworking some tools I developed for multiple purposes on multiple projects.
    I am part of this incredible community for so long and experienced nothing but support from everyone! UE4 got one of the most integral, strong and active communities out there.
    So I wanted to give back.
    I started to wrap up all my work and I wish to share it for free with everyone, to do with it as you please. Learn from it, use it, modify it!

    Download link in the description. Please let me know if something isn't working correctly.

    Here is an example I set up in 3 evenings with the help of those components and animation sets from mocap online and kubold.

    You can download the demo and finish the demo map yourself and see how responsive it is.

    I am currently working on series of tutorials that explains in depth - how to work with movement component, custom animation notifications, character class nuances, replication, optimization, and real life examples of issues and solutions from my working experience.

    I wish my materials to be a good starting point for anyone whom finished all the internet RPG / SHOOTER tutorials for beginners and are stuck in between knowing a thing or two about unreal, and being able to ship a product.

    I would also like to know, what examples next You would like to see?
    Dark Souls! noone done that before! :D
    Devil May Cry dynamic combat system
    Destiny like fast pace action shooter
    Dota / LOL - Moba!
    Settlers or some simulation/building strategy
    Top down RPG - let's say.. Baldur's Gate?
    Just make me Mass Effect!
    How hard could reproducing ANTHEM be? Flying robots please!

    The poll is expired.

    wow. thank you very much. the resident evil thing looks amazing to me. Is it possible to download this, too ?
    please make the tutorials, i would gladly watch/read them !!
    big thx


      Great work


        Yes I will post code for the resident evil-ish demo as well, however I cant redistribute the animations nor the level, so I will have to make a tutorial on how to recreate the parts I'm not allowed to upload Plus explaining on what does what. Would be awesome to see someone modify it in some way, or use those assets on a different level or concept. Zombies take damage on "damage interface" that is standard for all actors in ue4. Any gameplay pack with projectiles and damage dealing, or even melee fighting will work with them - as long as you scale the damage to fit your purpose... So if you deal 5 damage per hit it will take plenty to kill a 900 hp zombie maybe consider taking him down to 25 hp or increasing the damage. But besides that, you could run for example "character interaction" character and those zombies. or other way around. this pawn and interaction zombies. or even mix up those zombies together.


          Update on the progress.
          Here's a new Video:

          Some of the topics:
          0:00 - Intro
          1:54 - Recap
          4:55 - Turn types
          11:47 -Turn physics
          16:27 - Replicated root motion montage
          33:52 - Jumping mechanics
          38:21 - Events dispatchers
          46:00 - Crouching mechanics
          48:42 - Posses, hit events
          52:34 - Custom movement mode, ragdoll
          1:02:22 - Smooth camera on crouch
          1:05:30 - Understanding eye view point
          1:08:51 - Damage interface
          1:17:13 - Character movement component vectors and inputs
          1:28:16 - Walk off a ledge, change perch value
          1:38:12 - Jumping to specific height
          1:42:16 - Game function library, owner and instigator - and why they matter
          1:50:14 - Finished EXAMPLE. Sum-up

          With download link in description. I know it's quite long. That's why it took me so long. And its my first time editing video EVER.


            excellent <3




                Topics for today:
                0:00 Intro
                3:34 Animation Starter Pack
                7:44 Settings
                10:55 Switching locomotion on input
                20:48 Ik correction
                25:24 Fixing ik aiming
                40:10 Completely new animBP
                49:25 Aim down sight Blend
                1:02:00 MCO Mocap Basics
                1:22:55 SHOWCASE
                Everything in this episode works in multiplayer on listen and dedicated server.
                It took only 8:18 to setup entire locomotion graph.

                As always - download link in the description
                It will be a starting point for next Tutorials.

                Edit: video still processing. i would give it a fair 1-2h.
                Edit2: I don't understand why my videos doesn't have chapters. probably before I hut 1000 subs the YouTube algorithms just don't bother with video processing in this matter :/
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                  A break down of all blueprints and mechanics. Everything you seen in the demo! In this video I'm explaining every decision made when making this demo, how it works with my components, how to modify it and stood behind design decisions. In the next episode we will fix few minor issues, and export the blueprints so they can be re-used in another project. I need to strip down paid assets and swap them with free assets before exporting

                  0:00 Intro
                  0:44 game mode

                  3:30 Player Character Actor
                  5:00 Anim graph
                  15:28 Player Character inputs and actions
                  22:44 Damage interface
                  25:43 Custom Interface calls
                  31:16 Timeline done right

                  37:00 Weapon Actor
                  39:28 Fire gun
                  44:13 Custom animation notification
                  46:15 Spawn projectile
                  55:00 Aim assist

                  1:05:37 Zombie Actor
                  1:07:50 Custom anim notification state
                  1:09:00 Begin play
                  1:10:23 Anim Blueprint
                  1:12:45 Damage Interface
                  1:13:00 Crit hits and stagger
                  1:14:28 Health
                  1:16:42 Death
                  1:24:16 Same custom interface event as in Player
                  1:25:30 Attacking and dealing damage
                  1:27:21 Win condition
                  1:28:48 Blueprints AI setup (no Blackboard, no Behavior tree!)
                  1:50:00 Pawn Sense, Event Dispatchers

                  1:54:42 Outro


                    One more thing: You can post here questions on "how to do... STUFF" or "how to make <this game> <that> mechanic?" and I will make a video on it


                      like you said :
                      it's better to not reinvent the wheel and use existing systems ... or something lik that .

                      anyway, what i would love to see :

                      is a "breakdown" or a video presentation of the advanced locomotion system v4 or any other similar locomotion system

                      how the system is constructed , how to customize it and more importantly how to expand it .
                      add other movements types for example :

                      - cover mode : with or without weapons
                      - two hands weapons
                      - left and right movements on borders (like in splinter cell for example)
                      - flighing mode like anthem ..

                      etc .

                      thanks a lot


                        There are fantastic tutorials on ALS like this series:
                        But if there are some topics this person wont cover I can do a breakdown Why not. I was a beta tester and I'm modding the ALS community so I know my way around it.
                        Reason why I'm doing a simpler own system is multiplayer. and I'm making videos on how to use it.
                        I will do Anthem flying soon As well as entire gameplay example of anthem/destiny like game.
                        Cover will be tricky as I don't have animations for it - |but I will add it to the list.
                        The movement on small areas is simple.. change locomotion type to be "orient rotation to movement" in the movement component. Disable walk off ledge. the edge will push character changing its velocity to be just one of 2 directions - forward and backward, and he will rotate to it. I will make a video example

                        What I'm trying to do here is on edge of the primary rule - don't do something, that is already done. So why make locomotion if ALS exists? It's for the same reason why one should know how to make simple systems that take up to 2h to produce instead of relying only on marketplace assets. For experience. And for control over it. Something that you made your own you can modify at any state anyhow you wish. complex system like ALS got so many dependencies you have to dedicate to it.
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                          New video! Way shorter and packed with content. We setup overlay system and some examples.
                          Every example multiplayer ready and working on dedicated server. I try to explain things faster and not repeat myself form previous videos, so only talk about new content.
                          As usual download link in the description.

                          All comment are welcome. I would love to know how to improve my work.

                          And just FYI - I will work on extra series of single functionality for things people asked for as well as the game example gameplay from the pool in the first post.
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                            In the newest tutorial I'm touching the subject of True First Person perspective and blending arms-only animations with the full body animations. Enjoy.

                            p.s. Download link in the description


                              Another great tutorial can you do a video on how to play hurt animation for idle/run/walk when low on health its mechanic in Re2R you can use the hurt animation from Als V4 thanks btw.