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[TUTORIAL] Quick Time-of-Day Setup

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    thank you for the tutorial


      How are you supposed to download this blueprint?

      When I click to download, an upload screen pops up
      from Filedropper asking me to upload files.
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        download is broken I thinks this is a necro post. this is way way old


          Sorry, new download link:
          Fully dynamic Time of Day System blueprint: Download it for free now!


            The sky project is very nice and thanks for sharing i. Can you make alien worlds as well with this procedural weather now that you got the sun all moving? I can get it working for Unreal Version 4.8 but I can't get it working for Version 4.12 and because I have version 4.8 and also Ver 4.12 I can't migrate your project successfully up to 4.12 because I don't know what engine version you used to create this project in. Unless you have a version of your project that's compatible for 4.12...

            Because as long as Unreal on keeps upgrading and changing things in the engine all the time, and we don't keep on upgrading to the latest to keep up with all the changes they are making to the engine then we probably won't beable to migrate our older projects without causing migration issues, because I can't even migrate unreal assets files from 4.8 to 4.12. The uassset filenames and animations files made with 4.8 or 4.9 are incompatiable so they don't even show up in the content browser of the 4.12 engine.
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              Great job ... a query is there any way you can control the rotation of the day and night using the button bluprint using (slider) ....

              Please some idea to achieve it?Click image for larger version

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                Can i use this system in Comercial projects?

                Hey dude, That's Amazing! One Question. Can i use this system in Comercial projects? Or is just for learning? I was thinking in re-use the code and just change a few things for my project. Is it free for that kind of thing?

                Originally posted by gregdumb View Post
                UPDATE: The pre-made blueprint is available for download! Get it here:

                - Extract archive;
                - Copy the "Content" folder into your project folder (it should merge with the content folder already there);
                - When it asks if you want to merge folders, say yes;
                - Launch UnrealEd, and load the project you copied that folder to;
                - Go to 'File > Open Level' and choose "TimeOfDayTemplate.umap" (it should be located under \YourProject\Content\Maps);
                - Hit simulate, and watch the sun move!

                Experiment with the properties in the blueprint. I've written comments for all of them (I think), so it shouldn't be too hard to figure it out. Quick tip: If you want to change the speed of time, "Time Speed" is what you're looking for.

                For more details about this blueprint, go here:

                If it isn't working, please make sure that you followed all of the steps above correctly. They are all necessary!

                Finally, please give feedback! Was it useful? Not useful? Too complicated? Broken? Let me know below!

                [EDIT Updated to v1.2]

                Original Post:

                Hey all,

                I've created a quick tutorial on how to set up a dynamic day-night cycle on the wiki:

                I noticed that there wasn't much info on this, so after figuring it out I decided to share it with you all.

                Hope this helps some people! And feedback is welcome

                EDIT: Updated the tutorial to include a section on environment customization events. Now you can change things based on the level being day or night!


                  Hey Dude, That's amazing! One question. Can i use this in my project with Comercial purposes for Free? Or is just for study purposes?

                  I was thinking in use this system on my own project instead of build one from scratch... and just adapt a few things if it's necessary. Can i do that? Or should i buy this system in marketplace or some store?


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                      Originally posted by gregdumb View Post
                      5. In BP_Skydome_DayNight's properties, under the "Sun" category, set "Directional Light Actor" to be the directional light in your level. (Just click on the property, a menu should pop up. Select the thing called "Directional" something.)
                      Hi! For me there is no such property in the Sun menu, same for the moon, I have no place where to select the light.