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[WIP] crazy taxi clone game template

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    [ASSETS] [WIP] crazy taxi clone game template

    hello, i'm working on a crazy taxi clone game template.

    the current version has already working:

    1. the arrow navigation
    2. pickup & drop for the customer
    3. pickup & drop zone
    4. remaining time clock
    5. payment calculation in cab mode and uber mode (cab is like a normal cab it will increase the travel cost by the time, uber mode will charge for the distance traveled)
    6. player score
    7. hud for time, travel cost, player wallet and player score.
    8. 5 difficulty modes, each difficulty has a specific amount of time to complete the travel.

    on the next version:
    1. complaints if the travel is not flawless (bad driving, slow driving, etc)
    2. city streets
    3. traffic lights
    4. city cars with minimal ai
    5. use chaos engine on the city building

    i'm open to suggestions.

    here is a video showing the first prototype for this game template.

    thanks in advance for all your help.

    Looking really good so far!! I loved the original arcade game and thought about doing my own clone a while back. Glad to see someone else doing it

    What are your plans for the template?
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      sorry for the late response, working hard on this template, my plans for this is to get it polished to put it in the ue4 marketplace.

      also i'm thinking in add a procedural city creator into this template, what will be the best practice for this, to let the player create the procedural city in editor mode or when the game start?