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[TOOL] Pivot Tool for Maya

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    [TOOL] Pivot Tool for Maya

    Pivot Tool for Maya

    Hi All!

    Due to massive demand (possibly) I've created a Maya plugin which provides functionality similar to the Pivot Painter in the general UE4 release. Along with the tool, I've supplied a couple of example assets in the form of source Maya files and a UE4 (4.22) project with some shaders. It's pretty simple to get setup and running, check out the links below for info.

    In addition to all of the Pivot Painter texture outputs, the Maya tool also supports single-influence skinned objects; this means you can create simple rigs for foliage, ropes, snakes and provide super-cheap vertex animations by treating them as static meshes!

    Check out the project page here:

    Obligatory Shiny Content

    Included in the content is this blocky door...
    The door can see into your mind, the door can see into your soul.

    ...and this tentacle monster, if that's your thing (I won't judge)....